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Ford Service, a name you can trust

Like any vehicle, your Ford needs servicing regularly to keep it in the best condition and to help maintain its value. Only a Ford Dealer has Ford-trained technicians, using Ford-specific tools and the latest computerised diagnostic equipment designed specifically for your Ford, as well as using genuine Ford parts, engineered to fit and perform perfectly with your vehicle.

This means you can relax knowing you’ll enjoy a reliable, trustworthy service that’s competitively priced and carried out promptly, with an exact price for any agreed work, followed up by a detailed invoice and explanation once it’s been done.


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Book your next Ford Service the quick and easy way in 5 simple steps, with our Online Service Booking tool. Make sure you stay connected online or via the FordPass app by registering your Ford Account today.


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Having your car or commercial vehicle serviced in line with our scheduled service recommendations ensures the details are recorded in your vehicle Service Portfolio or in the Ford Digital Service Record system, minimising the risks of major repair expenses and enhancing its resale value.

Our Ford scheduled services are specifically tailored to your vehicle type, engine and transmission based on mileage and age, carried out by our Ford-trained technicians using genuine Ford Parts.


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For our customer’s convenience we offer a collection and delivery service when your car visit’s our workshop. This is provided free of charge within a 10 mile radius. If you are outside this area, or if you need to keep mobile, we offer a free courtesy loan car as well!


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For swift breakdown recovery and ultimate peace of mind, Emergency Service is available on every Ford vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, wherever you are in Europe. Roadside Assistance is activated automatically at every routine service, with extended coverage valid from the date of service for 12 months, or until the next service is due.


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Enjoy an expert’s eye view of your vehicle with a Ford Video Check, a free visual report available with all service and repair work sent straight to your phone. You’ll also receive an electronic report detailing 30 different elements of your vehicle’s health, as well as a competitive estimate upfront for any work recommended by our Ford-trained technicians.


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One Service, one price. Our Ford Essential Service is a simplified, generic service designed specifically for older Ford cars and commercial vehicles that may not have an up to date full service history, carried out by our Ford-trained technicians using Ford Motorcraft parts.

Our Essential Service provides the necessary maintenance and checks, including oil and filter replacement, and acts as an alternative Ford Authorised Dealer servicing option outside the Ford service schedule recommendations for only £169.


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Included in every Ford Service is a complimentary Wash and Vacuum, to keep the outside of your car in tip top condition, just like the engine and mechanical components. Please make sure you mention to your service advisor if you would like to take advantage of this offer.


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Just like the engine of your car, the air conditioning systems require servicing too. We are fully equipped and trained to deal with the complex A/C systems on modern vehicles. A full Air conditioning service can be completed from just £79.


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Access all of our Ford Services 24/7, all with one number:
0203 564 4444.

Including roadside assistance, accident management and our customer relationship centre.


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Get expert advice on vehicle recoveries, repairs and courtesy cars with our accident advice service, free for all Ford customers: 0203 564 4444

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